Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game Day

Well today is game day - who will win? Do you watch it? And do you recycle your bottles and cans? In NY state you can return your bottles and cans for 5 cents a piece - how cool is that! My son helps me out about once a month and then he can go and get candy if he wants from the shop. Speaking of that - how much candy is too much for kids? I think from a very young age we need to watch what we feed our children. My teenage daughter has a figure that any girl would want, a couple of nights ago she thanked me for feeding her good food. I had never thought of it like that before, but between my husband and me we try to cook health meals every night, usually with a lot of vegetables - we always eat a lot of broccoli (high in Vit C), peas, carrots and potatoes are always found in our house too. When the children were little and we lived in New Zealand we would always have fish and chips on Friday nights. It is fried so fattening, but then they are having fish which sometimes is hard to fit into their diet. We don't often have soda in the house - our main drinks are milk (not choc), apple juice and water. And I try to have fruit in the house as a snack. My son even asked me to pick up pineapple next time I'm at the shop. And he quiet often boils an egg after school as a snack.

I could go on for ever - I just really think it is so important to develop good eating habits for your children before it is too late. Watch breakfast cereals too, good old oats have so much value in them!

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