Monday, March 5, 2012

Laundry Tips

For a few years I was always doing laundry every single day, folding and ironing. That can be a lot of work. Then I read somewhere about teaching children at a young age to do their own laundry. So I set up hampers in their rooms for them to put dirt laundry in and once full - helped them do their laundry. They were about 11 & 12 years old at this stage - but you can start as early as you like. Once their laundry was taken out of the picture - I just had towels & linens, hubby's clothes and mine. Not a lot at all. One exception is that I still do all the whites together. This means that I'm only really doing the laundry about 3 times a week - which you can get done easily one weekend morning. If you have an outdoor line use it as often as you can - clothes smell so good and you will be saving money too! If you have little children, you can still but hampers in their rooms and do the laundry by room - this way when you are folding it - you can fold the whole load in their bedroom and put straight away. Just make sure you have enough clothes for every day of the week.


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